Thursday, 8 December 2016

More Film Dev and Field Camera


Developed some more film whilst at the hotel and then went out to take some photos of a nearby Stone Circle.


I used the wooden sheet film case that I made recently to store my film. Smile I loaded up the dev tank in the dark and reloaded the double dark slides with Shanghai Pan 100 (aka GP3) sheet film.


Did the development in the bath room – Rodinal 1:49 dilution, Ilford Rapid Fixer, RA50 wetting agent.


I developed the photos from Blea Tarn (field camera and pinhole camera).


The dev photos I put on Instagram went down well. Winking smile


Then went to Castlerigg Stone Circle with a boot full of photography equipment.


And took some photos with the pinhole cameras and the 4x5 field camera.

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