Monday, 5 December 2016

Pinholes in Scotland

Did a day trip to Scotland whilst I was on holiday in the Lake District.


The 8x10 setup on a tidal loch. There was no where to place the tent pegs, so I had to tie the guy ropes around rocks. There was no wind, so hopefully there will be no blur.


The 8x10 has an effective aperture of f/400. This gives an exposure time of 10s.


I should really add the exposure compensation in the reciprocity app (and I should take the screen shot before the timer counts down too). I metered at ISO 50 which is why there’s no compensation showing. The adjusted exposure for reciprocity is 33s.


Next I move on to the 4x5 camera. I wanted to get a similar photo to the one from the 8x10 so I can get a feel for the sharpness, field of view, etc between the two cameras.


The 4x5 has an effective aperture of f/200. This gives an exposure time of 5s.


Again, I metered at ISO 50 instead of ISO 100, so the meter reading already has +1 stop of exposure compensation. Taking reciprocity into account gives 11s of exposure.

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